Body Treatment Features

Body Treatment Features

ONA Spa, Los Angeles

Service: Ona Orange Body Treatment

Everything was going so well. I valet parked my car where the sign said Ona Spa on Beverly Boulevard in the Mid-Wilshire district. I marched to the front desk of what appeared to be a salon (I was thinking the spa might be in the back) and proudly announced that I had arrived. Not on the list. I began slipping into Velvet Rope Syndrome. My voice escalated an octave and I said, "Can you check again," and began name dropping the PR person who had set me up for the appointment. "Nope. Not on the list." And then, with eyes narrowing, he said "Are you here for the spa?" I violently nodded my head and he cracked a sideways smile, led me to the door leading upstairs and said "It happens all the time." I chased up the stairs and threw myself at the poor host who was, delightfully, waiting for my arrival. Once actually under the hands of Ariane Saint Martin, director of massage therapies and creator of my divine smelling Ona Orange Body Treatment, nothing else seemed important. I lay face up in the wet-room as she spread a raw sugar body polish smelling of blood oranges, lemon, pink grapefruit and African ginger all over me. When I innocently went to scratch my nose Ariane thought I was taste-testing. We giggled as she confirmed many occasions upon which she actually caught clients tasting the sweet concoction. Who can blame them? Then came the mask of warm organic honey and fresh ginger accompanied by a scalp and foot massage. Once I was orange creamed-up, my decision was made. A drive-by to my boyfriends' office was in order. Trust me, he wouldn't want to miss this.

Ona Spa 7373 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 Tel. (323) 931-4442

Kinara Spa, West Hollywood

Services: Red Carpet Facial and Massage

Kinara means "on the edge" in Hindi and Co-owner Olga Lorencin-Northrup has achieved that on every level. The spa itself is awe inspiring featuring hand-selected global retail, fresh and inspired cuisine and elegantly minimal and soothing treatment rooms. And while they do offer "on the edge" face and body treatments as well, I found my facial and massage to be delightfully basic. My Red Carpet facial was performed by Olga herself who left me feeling like I found a new best friend. And my face! My face was gloriously clean and silky and (for the red carpet I fantasize walking down) sans the standard red nose. Then I was off to Paige Lessom for my massage and as I relaxed by sipping my Citrus Flip a client exited her treatment room almost unable to walk she was in such a state of intense relaxation. I knew I was in for a good time. Paige and I established early on that we were both Virgo's and therefor a massage, or anything else for that matter, was to be results oriented. The result, I realized over truffles with Olga, was that I didn't want to leave and wondered if taking up residence at Kinara was a possibility. I thought it was quite "on the edge".

Kinara Spa 656 North Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 Tel. (310) 657-9188

Ole Henriksen Face/Body, West Hollywood

Service: 6-step Body Treatment

I didn't know if I should go because I had a kindney infection and the entire time I was navigating the Sunset Strip toward the Sunset Plaza I kept telling myself I could turn around. As I dipped behind Chin Chin's and parked on the lower level outside of Ole's I had made the decision to stay. Immediately after I told Briony Behets of my condition she went into high alert changing my entire treatment to accommodate my ailment: the pressure of my massage, the temperature of my tub soak, the amount of time spent on my reflexology kidney pressure point. I felt not only cradled by the treatment but by her as well. The six-steps include: a Purifying Herbal Body Wash in a delicious Zen room with a candle wall and a jet stream tub; a Re-Texturizing Aromatic Sea Mineral Scrub the texture and scent of which was heavy, moist and soothing; a Tropical Rain Rinse which I made a note-to-self to install in my next home; a Heated Osmotic Body Mask-Custom Blend which seeped into my pores during my Scalp Treatment with Cranial Massage and a Therapeutic Body Massage with Hand and Foot Reflexology. As I walked to my car vacated two hours earlier I couldn't help but notice that I felt significantly better. And isn't that what it's all about?

Ole Henrikson Face/Body 8622A West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 Tel. (310) 854-7700p

Skin Spa, Encino

Service: Body Coffee™ Experience Treatment

Turns out coffee isn't just for drinking anymore. Who knew that in a small spa on Ventura Boulevard lived a spa where your whole body could enjoy the invigorating properties of coffee. A big body sip if you will. Just when I was certain my body was beaten into submission by Skin Spa's special "Niagara Falls" shower, a huge stream of water that falls on you from somewhere far, far above, I went one level into deeper relaxation still when I was massaged with a blend of Coffea Arabica, sea salt and essential oils. Now that's good stuff. The coffee and salt slough while the coffee lotion replenishes softness. I'd advise you to stay away from those who haven't had their coffee. You are not safe.

Skin Spa 17401 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316 Tel. (818) 995-3888

Allen Edwards Serenity Spa & Salon, Woodland Hills

Services: March Spa Sampler #Two - Hydrating mini/mini facial, Herbal Body Wrap, Soothing Eye Treatment and Relaxing Foot Treatment

To a girl from Hollywood, The Valley can seem like a long drive and so the decision is weighed heavily. How big is the nugget? Having arrived, I settled in my robe and spa flips and sipped my tea however was in no space to make any sort of decision, which is why the Spa Samplers was just the decisions indeed! When you don't exactly know what you're in the mood for but you know you'd like a little of this and a little of that, the Spa Samplers offer a myriad of treatments all rolled up into one. I received the Facial Sampler (as opposed to the massage sampler) and was thrilled with the results. Katie Slanina, the lead esthetician, led me down the path of a mini version of the Revitalizing Facial, a delightful rendition of the Seaweed Total Body Treatment and then rubbed my gas-petal tired feet into submission. I emerged ready to get back in the car for the long, long drive home.

Allen Edwards 20855 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Tel. (818) 593-7094

SPA 415, Beverly Hills

Services: Agilance Golden Spoons Facial; Body Sculpting; Leg Therapy

After navigating my way through the center courtyard of what seemed like an average office building complex, Spa 415 compensated by offering an overtly homey and inviting spa facility. On my grand tour with executive Director and Co-owner, Tara Becker, I noticed again the marriage of business and pleasure. Separating itself from other spas, Spa 415 packs its service rooms with the traditional spa devices: treatment tables, candles and gorgeous fluffy comforters but adds to that what looks like a variety of medical equipment. My first two treatments were issued simultaneously: Pressotherapy (Leg Therapy) and Vacudermie (Body Sculpting). Hip high blue boots were fitted onto my entire leg and for a half an hour the circulation in my legs was squeezed from foot to hip and back again. This is excellent for swelling and leg discomfort (pregnant women take note!). Simultaneous to the Pressotherapy, my stomach was vacuumed by small suction cups used to reduce the appearance of "cottage cheese" skin horrifyingly known as cellulite. Then it was on to the Agilance Golden Spoons Facial focusing on the Kneipp principal of alternating hot and cold stimuli to trigger natural feedback of the cells. I left not knowing if I had been to the doctor's office or the spa but knowing, for certain, that I felt great.

Spa 415 N. Crescent Drive, Suite 110 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel. (310) 276-8018

Gauthier Total Image Spa, Sherman Oaks

Service: Plaisir des Sens (Pleasure of the Senses)

Gauthier Total Image Spa sits on what I like to call "Spa Row". Ventura Boulevard cuts the Valley from East to West and along its path spas are scattered like gemstones in an otherwise predictable setting. How ironic that at the mother of jewels I was to receive a Holistic Treatment featuring Chakra care through healing gemstones and a Yin and Yang stone massage with a de-stressing color therapy Zen light. I don't know when in the treatment I experienced my first sleep induced leg jerk, the kind that accompanies the falling-off-the-cliff sensation signaling a drift into unconsciousness. I can say that I was in such a sense of relaxation that there were a few such leg jerks around which esthetician Susan Amponsah deftly navigated. On my way out the door I received a little silk bag complete with a mini-stone like those used in my treatment - a pocket bag of energy.

Gauthier Total Image Spa 14449 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 Tel. (818) 501-4423

Day Spa Faces and Bodies, West LosAngeles

Service: Lymphatic Cellulite Massage

Buried in a stretch of mini storefronts along Wilshire Boulevard, Day Spas Faces and Bodies offers a two-room oasis complete with herbal tea to quench traffic-frazzled nerves. I came for toxin release in the form of a Lymphatic Cellulite Massage and within mere moments under Victoria DeLaGuerra's hands, my legs were on fire. Working my thighs, glutes and stomach in sweeping, grinding, circular movements my lymphatic cellulite massage was well underway. Heralded to minimize cellulite by mobilizing it and breaking it up, my 20-minute procedure made me a firm believer. Depending on each individual's desired results, Victoria suggests two times a week at the beginning and then scaled back as appropriate is enough to see dramatic physical results as well as improved immunity through the release of toxins stored in cellulite. And, as she promised, the morning after I felt as though I'd walked five miles.

Day Spa Faces & Bodies 11982 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 Tel. (310) 820-0224