Facial Treatment Features

Facial Treatment Features

Lulur, West Hollywood

Service: Japanese Facial Massage

Located directly next to LA Vie L'Orange, along that delightful European gasse, rests a spa poised to strip you of your worries as well as LA's daily grime. If you yearn for a cleansing as well as a relaxing scalp, face and neck massage, then go Indonesian with Ko bi do! Facialist Gloria Prince started off with a series of hand manipulations that increased the circulation to my face and neck and prepared me for the deep cleaning that was to come. Once in full mask, I again was treated to a mesmerizing arm and hand massage. The treatment left me relaxed, invigorated and glowing.

Lulur 642 1/2 Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90069 Tel. (310) 659-4100

Murad Spa, El Segundo

Services: Awakening Massage; Vitamin C Facial

Way down South in El Segundo is a place quite unlike any other. The Murad Spa. Known for it's charismatic and entrepreneurial leader, Dr. Howard Murad, the Murad Spa is the natural extension of a man who has dedicated his life to the science of internal and external skincare. As for me, I was ready to experience that dedication to its fullest. When one emerges from the dressing room to find not one, but two, massage therapists awaiting them, it can only mean good things. In my case, I was preparing to receive the Awakening Massage, which uses brisk whisking to enliven the blood flow followed by perfectly timed tandem Swedish massage. After scooping myself off the floor I was off for a signature treatment, namely the Vitamin C Facial. Rita Golubeva set about disarming free radicals and improving the signs of photodamage, which I was forced to acknowledge via the skin scanner. The facial began and ended like any other however the results were undeniable. I left with a bag full of Vitamin C skin care, a convert on my very first visit.

Murad Spa 2141 Rosecrans Avenue El Segundo, CA Tel. (310) 726-0470


Robert Scott Face Body, West Hollywood

Service: Signature Facial

"My clients like it that they don't have to fight to get to me", said Robert Scott when I just about hugged him with delight at my rock-star, front door parking spot. In an average neighborhood, behind in average house, in an average guesthouse, is a not-so-average man offering "boutique services" in the form of food for the face, body and soul. When Robert Scott calls his facials "a sports massage for the face" he isn't kidding. His expert hands pumped the circulation into my cheeks creating an invigorating pulsation. Within moments of his hands touching my neck, I was under his complete control. Pulling together only the "best products from the best lines", Robert married products to culminate in a face I hardly recognized in the mirror. I looked amazing! I left ready to walk down the red carpet. But his signature one-on-one style showed up in a day-after follow-up call to make sure all was well with my face. Even now, days later, I still look as great as the moment I left. I'm tempted to fall in love.

Robert Scott Face/Body 1027 N. Spaulding West Hollywood CA 90046 Tel: (323) 656-5975 *call for appointment


Thibiant Day Spa, Beverly Hills

Service: Azulene Facial

In Beverly Hills, when you valet park with the likes of sports stars anyone would recognize and ladies in jaguars and bejeweled, oversized sunglasses you know you're in a place that means business. This echelon of clientele transcended simply wanting to relax and feel good (although they do want that) they have to look good. Sometimes their lives depend on it. And Georgette, my facialist, was ready to set about changing mine. You see I have dry skin so my car with its sunroof simply had to go. And I would have to change my eating habits. And drinking? I don't even want to go there. Bottom line, if I wanted to look as luminous as Georgette I was going to have to make some changes. One Azulene Facial later with my new baby's-bottom skin, I decided I would stop by some dealerships on the way home. Just to look.

Thibiant Day Spa 449 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel. (310) 278-7565

Simply Porceline, Beverly Hills

Service: Hot Stone Therapy Facial

Being under the gentle hands of Merle Celine-Muller, creator and founder of Simply Porcelain, was like treating my face to a day at the beach. Her subtle South African accent, fresh and invigorating private label skin care line and smooth, practiced, calming movements created a perfect haven for relaxation. While my Hot Stone Therapy Facial had a hint of decadence, the result was exquisitely basic: a clean and glowing face. I unselfconsciously exited her spa (in the heart of Beverly Hills) with no make-up, and drove away looking forward to the opportunity to return for more treatments.

Simply Porceline 372 S. Maple Drive Beverly Hills, CA. 90212 Tel. (310) 777-8847