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Paint Shop, Beverly Hills

Service: Ritas and Rocks Pedicure and Aromatherapy Manicure

Robertson Boulevard is home to a lot of awnings and at thirty-five miles an hour trying to read the signs can be a bit like watching a tennis match. But there, under a little black awning, was my destination like a welcome mat celebrating my arrival. Julie Serquinia, owner of the Paint Shop, was just the kind of home girl who would welcome you with a margarita no matter the time of day. So when Kevin placed my feet in the Ritas and Rocks bath complete with ice, lime and salt, I was not surprised. Julie set about picking my color and then played DJ while Kevin worked his magic on my feet. Just as Kevin was rinsing off the margarita salt scrub and applying the avocado butter massage Julie said, "Girl, you want a manicure, too?" Please! As if I would say no! So an Aromatherapy Manicure and many groovy songs later, I was out the door looking very Bling Bling.


Aqua Day Spa, Santa Monica

Service: Aqua Signature Manicure

The word Aqua seems delightfully redundant when you are two blocks from the ocean. Just the sheer fact that you enter Aqua Day Spa facing West creates the feeling of being closer to the bliss that is the water. Joanna set about tending to my nails with the intensity of a laser. No spec of dirt was left under a nail, no cuticle left unsnipped, and no morsel of dead skin left unsloughed. Her blue eyes bored into every crevasse of my hands but just as easily danced when she waved to a passer-by or when we discussed what it would be like if Julia Roberts, a client of Aqua Day Spa, were to come in and have her manicure done as well. We decided with all the whoop-la that it might cause, Julia should stay home because Joanna and I were enjoying the restful afternoon just the two of us. In the wake of my manicure, and as I type this article, I can't seem to stop looking at my gorgeous hands.


L.A. Vie L'Orange, West Hollywood

Service: Walk on the Beach Pedicure

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills in a quaint European gasse, LA Vie L'Orange, LA's premier hand and foot spa, made me feel like I stepped a carefree zone. Not so for the staff who was at the ready to supply me with my every desire. Lunch? No problem. Champagne and nuts? At your service. Melissa Ahmann runs a tight ship and it shows. Her handpicked perfection is a thread weaving together a divine atmosphere, elegant and informed therapists and exquisite treatments. It is no wonder she has a long list of regulars. My feet entered their treatment by way of a warm bath filled with fine-grain sand, clear marbles, rose petals, orange slices and a rock promoting "love" which Tina, my therapist, said she was led to select for me that day. From there I was treated to a series of mud masks, including a seaweed mask and mint mask followed by an immaculately performed pedicure. They sent me on my way with orange colored spa-flips and an assortment of other spa accouterments all used on me during my service. Cha-ching! It's no wonder that a group of nine men, tired of the bar scene, decided to book a party there on the weekend, order pizza and be waited on hand and, well, foot.