Benefiance Firming Massage Mask by Shiseido

Benefiance Firming Massage Mask by ShiseidoAsk even the most extreme beauty junkie for her definition of a facial mask and you are likely to hear "mud". While most of us have been slinging mud on our faces for years to tighten pores and zap blemishes, the experts at Shiseido have been busy creating ultra-luxurious hydrating masks for your beautifying pleasure. This ultra-moisturizing Benefiance Firming Massage Mask not only works as a hydrating mask, but doubles as a massage cream, providing just enough "slip" to let you perform an incredibly simple, yet effective 3-minute massage on your face. The experts at Shiseido believe that facial massage is very important for increasing circulation in the skin, helping to enhance skin functioning, promote a sense of firmness, and eliminate stress and fatigue. Sounds complicated? It is actually ridiculously simple (there are very easy instructions in the box), yet fussy enough to brag about. Just imagine saying to your friends, "yes, as part of my beauty routine, I perform a 3-minute Shiatsu on my face every night". This sensuous, gel-like cream is very light, but super hydrating, with a delicious scent and tiny little Vitamin E capsules that break as you perform your massage.

While Benefiance Firming Massage Mask is available at most major department stores, we recommend is going to the Shiseido Studio in Santa Monica, where you can receive a free treatment or take a class on how to perform facial massage. You can always hop across the street to Fred Segal to buy it if you love it. We think you will!

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