Body Waxing Treatment Feature

Faces European Skin Care

Service: Brazilian Bikini wax

When you're known for your wax, your waiting room bulges with people waiting to be rendered hairless in a variety of places. For me, I was awaiting the ever-dreaded but much celebrated results of the Faces Brazilian Bikini Wax. Squished between young girls on couches that faced each other, we all wondered who was in for what. It was like waiting in the therapist's office wondering what was wrong with the other people in the room. At Faces, we all pretty much knew. So when my esthetician called my name, I as much as shot up and ran into the treatment room dropping trou on the way. Legend had it that she was quick with the strip, an imperative characteristic of a wax therapist, and I am here to tell you it is true! I left delightfully hairless and smooth and promptly took myself to the beach to celebrate.

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